New Barracuda 9 - Sport, Fishing & Comfort

The all-new Barracuda 9 follows in the wake of its talented younger sister, the Barracuda 6 launched last autumn, and she is a spectacular conclusion to the renewal of the range. Showcasing Beneteau’s matchless expertise in truly comfortable sport fishing, this new flagship is loyal to the Barracuda sport pedigree, robust, and true to its origins. It also lends itself to safe and pleasant ‘smart commuting’.

Announced as the star of the 2018 Barracuda Tour next spring, the Barracuda 9 will be launched officially at the Nantes European Saltwater Fishing Show, from 16 to 18 March 2018. ENHANCED BY EXPERIENCE The Barracuda Tour has been organised by Beneteau since 2011. It is a non-killing fishing competition that brings together thousands of keen fishers from all over the world. This yearly event is a fabulous way to observe the behaviour and expectations of sport fishers and it gives developers at Beneteau an opportunity to innovate and adapt the Barracuda line to meet their needs. The new Barracuda 9 quite simply reflects the very best of this experience!

For more details on the Barracuda range, click here and see the full range on our website.  You can also see models from the Barracuda range on display at this years Melbourne Boat Show, June 2018 or contact us on 1300 55 00 89