Australia’s first CNB Bordeaux 60 Debuts at HIRW

With Sundance Marine recently delivering Australias first CNB Bordeaux 60, it’s exciting to confirm ‘Platinum’ is heading North to participate in Hamilton Island Race Week.

The Bordeaux 60 ‘Platinum’ will both race during Hamilton Island Race Week in Cruising with Spinnaker division. CNB Yachts are a brand designed for lovers of elegant, fast, seaworthy and safe yachts.

Internationally recognised for the exceptional quality of its yachts, CNB Yachts was founded in 1987 and with the Beneteau group behind it since 1992, CNB Yachts has continued to build on its original strength.

David Beck of Sundance Marine said “We’re ecstatic to see the CNB Bordeaux 60 arrive in Australia, and what better place to make its race debut than at Hamilton Island.”

Each Bordeaux 60 is the fruit of a personalised relationship between the owner and the shipyard. David commented “it brings great satisfaction to assist customers through the process with CNB, you can see the pleasure they derive from being so involved in creating their own boat”.

The Bordeaux 60 is the first model of the CNB Yachts range.

Combining modernity with original lines, a large number of storage spaces, performance under sail and easy manœuvring with a reduced crew.

Practical details make life on board easy – manoeuvring lines lead back to the cockpit, access to the engine room, tender garage, quality finishes and choice of the best materials are without compromise.

If you’d like more details about a local or European delivery of a CNB contact Sundance Marine on 1300 55 00 89 .