More than a usual boatbuilder, Invictus is redefining the luxury of tomorrow making owners’ future dreams come true. With unique and distinctive vessels, created and built with all qualities which make Italian boatbuilding the best in the world.
The close collaboration with Christian Grande DesignWorks studio delivers outstanding recreational units, efficient and marked by a cutting edge design. They are infused with the Invictus soul and passion for the sea, and a deep interest in technology and design.



The latest Italian arrival in Australia

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Performance and Refinement

Through the shapes and lines of the boats, enriched by technical innovations and with a great attention to detail, they lend a luxury atmosphere onboard.
The Invictus emblem, a crusader’s shield represents the bearer of values like beauty, protection and trust: representing the wish to challenge the sea without hesitation. These are the pillars of Invictus choices and the willingness to create a new yacht concept, the Invictus idea of the next level boat.

Australian Invictus dealers

The Invictus Yacht is the latest Italian luxury brand to arrive on Australian shores, bringing a distinctive and luxurious new design to the tender and run-about market. Invictus really is bringing something different to Australian shores.

The range suits the various Australian waterways perfectly.

Whether on Sydney Harbour, the spectacular waterways of South East Queensland, further North around Hamilton Island or spending your Summer on the water at Portsea, you’ll be sure to see an Invictus on the water soon!