The MCY 96 brings artful design and style to ocean cruising

Monte Carlo Yachts 96

Power & Motoryacht Magazine jumped on-board the Award Winning Monte Carlo Yachts 96, here is their review.


The latest from Monte Carlo Yachts—the MCY 96—keeps the flame burning bright while allowing owners to light the way with customisation galore.

How would you do it? It’s the same question we often face in our day-to-day lives, a wealth of choices that can lead to decision paralysis. In that way, you have to respect how the management team at Monte Carlo Yachts, led by President Carla Demaria and Managing Director Fabrizio Iarrera, goes about its business. It was only in 2009 that the Monfalcone, Italy-based brand was created to serve the high-end motoryacht segment for parent company Beneteau Group, the French boatbuilding leviathan. And MCY, as the company has come to be known, is targeting boaters who are sophisticated and opinionated. After all, they can have the best available. The designs have to appeal to hearts as well as minds, without appearing cliché, or dated, or trendy.

Seven models later, MCY has not looked back. That’s a new model for each year of existence since the first launch (the MCY 76) in 2010, including a 105-footer introduced in 2015. The boats have a consistent design DNA, thanks to the steady work of the Italian design firm Nuvolari Lenard in partnership with MCY’s in-house designers and engineers. It’s so consistent that this collaboration has created everything that MCY has built.

“The challenge is always to be the first and never be the follower,” says Carlo Nuvolari of Nuvolari-Lenard. “We need to understand well the competition and the customers’ taste in order to design boats with a rational approach. Our yachts need to have all what other yachts have and what the customer may miss.” While those market forces set the tone, there are other factors in the equation. “But we need also to offer non rational values: emotion and beauty,” he says.

To learn more about the Australian Monte Carlo Yachts opportunities, contact David Beck on 1300 55 00 89 or view the MCY 96 specifications here.

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