WAUQUIEZ launches New Pilot Saloon 48 for its 50th anniversary

Wauquiez shipyard: 50 years of French excellence and elegance 

Since then, more than 2500 yachts, built in limited production and designed by the best naval architects, have anchored their name to the history of modern yachting: Elisabethan, Pretorien, Gladiateur, Hood, Chance, Centurion, Pilot Saloon… All have been constructed under the same ambition: ‘’building for discerning sailors beautiful, seaworthy yachts, designed and built to last…”

Nowadays, Wauquiez carries on the tradition by building the whole line of yachts in a handcrafted way, in 100% owned French premises located close to Lille, in north of France. Pilot Saloon - Sundance Marine

The ‘’Pilot Saloon’’ concept: 25 years of experience 

The Pilot Saloon concept – raised saloon offering view in front and above the deck, enabling steering from the inside – was launched in 1990 with the first Pilot Saloon 60, an Ed Dubois design. Have followed other models from 40’ to 55’ and today, more than 350 Wauquiez Pilot Saloon yachts are sailing on every sea and ocean. Since 2005, the Pilot Saloon line is designed by naval architect Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design.

The Pilot Saloon 48, symbol of the new generation 

The heir of a long lineage of top-of-the-range cruisers, the Pilot Saloon 48 incorporates all the ‘’Pilot Saloon’’ hallmark features:

– the one single level saloon offers great panoramic sea views,

– the sailing performances, widely above a classic cruiser,

– the comfortable interior lay-out, optimized for long-term use,

– the high quality of construction and the great attention to detail.

Many other evolutions have been enhanced regarding the overall deck lay-out, sail plan, interior design and furnishing.

Wauquiez extends its refined and timeless style to all models 

The Wauquiez’ style, well known for its refinement and sobriety, reflects a certain idea of the French elegance. Though the waxed teak used on all Wauquiez remains the dominant interior feature, other materials (leather, stainless steel) are added in order to embellish the interiors.

The Pilot Saloon 48 N°1 is currently under construction. She will be exhibited as a world premiere at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2015.

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