Living up to its reputation as something of an adventurer, this new addition is welcomed to the Barracuda family in the shape of a third model, benefitting from the experience gained during the famous Barracuda Tours – sea bass no-kill fishing tournaments organised each year by Beneteau. Apart from a new hull form which is both attractive and safer still, the Barracuda 8 brings together developments capable of making it a reference in the sport fishing sector.

With her attractive lines, sturdy and reliable appearance and a deck & pilothouse layout which have been
thought through in every respect, the new Barracuda 8 will quickly carve out a position as the ideal craft for keen fishers. Combining comfort with protection, she is practical & has all the qualities of a perfect ‘commuting’ boat.

Fitted with a real fishing station to stern – with a worktable, rod holders and drink holders – the cockpit of this new sport fishing vessel features a well-designed mobile multifunctional bench seat. Housing a fish tank under the seat which slides fore and aft, this is a comfortable place to sit facing the sea when fishing.

Walk-around deck

With a striking line, a determined look and a well-thoughtout deck and wheelhouse layout with comfortable installations, escape from it all on the Barracuda 8 suited to a wide range of programmes.

The Barracuda’s walk-around deck, with a wide starboard and port walkway, makes it easier to move about on board.

The bench seat below the pilothouse on the foredeck can be removed in a couple of seconds, freeing up a large amount of space.

The Barracuda 8’s cockpit has a big aft fishing station, complete with a work table, and rod and drinks holder, but also has a cleverly designed mobile multifunctional bench seat. A live bait well is located under the seat which slides from front to back. It is a comfortable place to sit and fish facing the sea.

Positioned in the centre of the cockpit, it joins the side bench to create a large sunbathing area. Pushed back to below the pilothouse, together with the side benches it offers seating for 8 people around a foldaway table.

Spacious yet welcoming

Protected yet open, spacious yet welcoming, the Barracuda 8 naturally embraces Scandinavian architectural and design codes.

Brickred curtains, graphite-hued furnishings, oak tinted woodwork and flooring, and optional teak for the deck covering, make for a cosy atmosphere on board.

Her three-leaf sliding doors create a seamless space between the wheelhouse and the cockpit.

With three possible layouts of the wheelhouse, forward resting cabin and countless storage areas, the Barracuda 8 stands out in its category for its incredible practicality and versatility.




More than seventy crews of over three hundred contenders, representing fifteen different countries, are expected on the shores of Morbihan for the 2018 Barracuda Tour! In six years, the well-known French no-kill fishing competition, a meeting for keen fishers, organized by Beneteau, has rapidly become an international event. Outside the competition itself, it elicits great enthusiasm, because of its warm festive atmosphere.