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Reviewed - Highfield's Classic 310 and Classic Deluxe 360

Highfield 360 + 310 Review

Boating journo John Ford recently spent a morning on Pittwater putting Highfield’s Classic 310 and Classic Deluxe 360 through their paces for Trade A Boat magazine. In his words, “the old adage that bigger is better got blown into the seaweed.”


“Rigid inflatables are a natural fit for work as tenders and workboats. As well as offering incredible stability and carrying capacity for their size, their soft sides mean they are practical when coming up to a mothership, when used for sail training or by younger folk as a general purpose family boat. The Highfield range deserves a look if you are in the market for a tender or compact commuter. Benefitting from Swift’s technology and knowhow, their build uses proper techniques and materials for a boat that should give years of service.

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