Monte Carlo Yachts 86

The new MCY 86 takes the range to a new level: a larger, more spacious and more exquisite yacht which meets the needs of boat lovers who want to enjoy every instant on board to the maximum.
MCY 86 again keeps the promise of bringing together sensitive Italian tailoring with the productive capacity of Groupe Beneteau, which is a world-renowned model of technological and industrial efficiency. The technical and aesthetic elements blend together, efficient production brings out both the care with which it is made and also the search for exclusive details.

Made Together with Yacht Owners

The new MCY 86 increases the range of customization and offers an experience of made-to-measure luxury. Radically different configurations which mean that each owner can personalise the yacht to fit their own lifestyle.

The MCY 86 shows itself to be a real expression of the approach and the style of Monte Carlo Yachts, starting from the strong family resemblance of its external lines. The design of the whole range is by Nuvolari and Lenard. The novelty lies in the absolute beauty of a decisive approach which can soften once on the sea: the perfect choice for a boat which can be relied on for top-level nautical performance and which looks to offer elegance in every detail. on MCY 86 Entertaining Features